former Hounslow House
Meyer Homes

Site history

The site before clearance

Until the recent demolition, the site contained the seven-storey Hounslow House office building, set back from London Road, and low-rise industrial sheds to the rear. The two existing vehicle entrances from London Road are visible in the image above, either side of the Hounslow House office building.

The original buildings had little impact on Aces Court and sheltered it from the wind.

Surrounding residents had a great deal of privacy from the warehouses that were built on boundary walls.

Approved plans for a Tesco superstore

In 2010, a scheme for a Tesco superstore was approved by Hounslow Borough Council.

These plans were largely welcomed in terms of height however the commercial refuse area and vents on the Aces Court side were seen as a negative. There was also a concern locally that a superstore would cause an increase in traffic.

Refused proposals for 250 new homes

In 2013, plans for 250 new homes and commercial space, spread across nine buildings which ranged in height between 3 and 21 storeys were proposed on the site.

The plans proposed buildings that were much closer to the Aces Court boundary and the tallest building was generally unpopular locally on the basis that this would be out of keeping with the local area. Additionally, there were concerns about overlooking from neighbours.


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